As your Durham County District Court Judge, Jim Hill will continue:

* To work independently according to law for the people of Durham County.

* To keep all politics and political considerations out of the District Court and the judicial system in general.

* To always work and speak honestly and to follow the highest ethical, moral and legal requirements and considerations.

* To protect the rights of all citizens, ensure as much as possible that everyone receive respect, due consideration, and fair treatment.

Judge Jim Hill will always strive to have a positive impact on those who must appear in court. He attempts to find solutions, according to the law, that will change the behavior of first-time nonviolent offenders and to have those involve in civil disputes reach an agreement acceptable to all.

“We’re the people’s court. We deal with everyday issues and everyday people,” District Court Judge Jim Hill said of his service on the Durham County District Court.


“In his Durham courtroom, (Judge Jim) Hill sometimes tells first-time young offenders he will wait 90 days before sentencing. ‘I can’t require them to do anything, but I give them some tips. I tell them to come back in 90 days. I tell them I’d love to see some good grades; to see that they’ve been to school every day. I tell them I wouldn’t mind seeing that they’ve performed 25 hours of community service.’ According to Hill, the kids who follow his hints often have their records cleared, ‘My hope is that by the time they come back, they’ll have seen what they can do in their lives,’ Hill said.”
Judicial Profile: Attorney at Law Magazine, North Carolina Triangle